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We can provide upfront quotes for some items, but if you want to book a shipment as a shipping customer (general user) or a transporter, you'll have to sign up! Register for free by clicking here. Specify your user type (Shipping customer or service provider) and enter all required information. You can choose to connect via Facebook or twitter or use your email address to get started.
Please use your real name and contact information. We promise to not share your details with anyone you don't transact with! If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact our Connect Team by clicking here.
At Moov we are always eager to welcome new users who are joining the community and want registration to be easy for everyone, but it is possible to encounter a problem in the process. The most common issue we see is that an email address is not valid or is already in use. If this is the case, it's likely that you already have an account. You'll need to reset your password by sending a request to your email address. We only allow one account per person or business entity, so please take this step before creating a new account as there is a consequence for multiple accounts!
If certain fields are blank or not editable, you may need to use a different Internet browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or try clearing your browsing history.
If none of this sounds like the problem, and you're still unable to register for an account, please contact
Signing into your account is easy and it's the fastest way to see all your account information. Just go to the homepage and click. Select your User Type, enter your email address and your password or you can sign in via Facebook if you've connected your accounts and you're all set! If you don't remember your password, click on the Forgot your password link to enter your email address and send a request to reset it.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact >
For any serious service provider, having a strong, detailed profile is an important part of building trust with prospective shipping customers. Take time to make it unique and extra awesome. Fill out each section as thoroughly as possible. Each section will give you an idea of what to include, and you can provide as much information as you want. Your business details is where you can add information such as company profile, your terms & conditions, insurance and optional coverage, and your service categories.
We want your shipping customers to feel good about handing over their shipments to you. Below are some tips for building a strong profile:
  • Include any insurance information you have.
  • Enter licenses, permits, and certification or awards you have and professional bodies you belong to.
  • Upload high-quality photos of your vehicles and equipment, but make sure to remove any visible contact information.
  • Use your unique voice to fill out your company description and always keep it professional.

The goal is to provide as much quality information as you can so that potential customers will want to work with you. The more information you provide, photos included, the more likely it is that another member of moov will feel comfortable booking with you.
Keep in mind that only you will be able to see the profile completeness percentage; don't worry if you need to leave a section blank because it doesn't apply to you!
If you're still not sure what you should and should not include in your moov profile, feel free to contact for help.
Need to make changes to your business information? No sweat! Click ‘business information’ on the upper left-hand side of your dashboard, enter all necessary information and select Update Profile. Here you can enter any and all relevant information to help you market yourself and your services.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Account reviews and suspensions restrict an account's permissions to interact in the moov marketplace. They are used as a tool to remove problem users or to encourage communication between moov support and an account holder. If you find that your account is restricted in any way, please consider the following information:
If Your Account is Under Review
There are two main reasons your account might be under review.
One is an automated hold that puts your account under random review. Our Trust and Safety team will then review your account before releasing the hold. This process typically does not take more than a few hours, but if we have questions about your account before we release, we will reach out to you via email for more information.
Your account may also be put on hold if we've reached out to you about an account issue and are awaiting a response. In this case, you should have an email from moov support. Please get back to us as soon as possible so we can resolve your account issue.
If Your Account is Suspended
  • Continuous violations of our Terms
  • Creation of more than one account
  • Excessive cancellations and/or negative feedback
  • Lack of cooperation in dispute resolution
  • Abuse of customers and/or moov staff
  • Fraudulent activity
You may be able to petition this decision, but we do reserve the absolute right to reject or suspend any user's participation in the moov marketplace for any reason or no reason at all.
If your account is under review or suspension and you don't know why, please contact
MOOV is a feedback-driven marketplace, so it's absolutely necessary that you review any service provider's profile and feedback before booking or awarding bid. To view a user's profile, go to the Award shipment section in your dashboard, click Service Provider Data button. Once there, you'll be provided with their moov history.
At the very top of any provider's profile, you should see their display/company name, rating and overall feedback score. Within the Company Snapshot, you'll see information they've provided about themselves or their company. This includes whether they are a broker or a carrier, what kind of company they are, and where they operate. You'll also see important information like licenses, registration, and insurance offered.
You can also view any specific Terms & Conditions.
In the Company Snapshot, you'll see their Member Information, Feedback History, and Detailed Feedback. This will tell you how long they've been on the site and how many shipments they have completed.
Keep in mind that this is all self-reported, and in many case, unverified information. So be sure to verify everything you read!
Most importantly, read through and see if their profile is filled out and do you feel confident in their credentials? If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Feedback is a vital part of the moov marketplace. Leaving feedback is very important as it's the best way to let other shipping customers know about your experience with your chosen service provider. The moov community depends on you to provide feedback so that future shipping customers have a better idea of what provider to work with.
Once your shipment has been completed, you'll have the option to Leave Feedback. You will also receive an email containing a link to leave feedback once your shipment has been marked as Delivered.
You can rate your experience with your provider as Positive, Negative, or Neutral, provide a detailed description and even leave moov some feedback as well.
Once you've left feedback, it will appear on the service provider's public profile and they will have the opportunity to respond. As with all communication on moov, please be honest, kind, and professional.
If you are needing to cancel your shipment, please take the proper steps to do so. The Feedback system is not the appropriate avenue to signal that you can't reach your service provider or that you need to cancel the transaction. We promise you'll be given the opportunity to leave detailed comments during that process as well.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact


moov works very hard to keep our marketplace safe. Here are some tips to help you ship with confidence.
- Verify Credentials
Verify the credentials of any service provider you choose. Request insurance information, copies of driver's licenses, and any legal registrations before you release your shipment to a provider.
- Be Safe with Offsite Payments
If your shipment is not paid in full on site using moov payments, that may put you into a difficult situation if any unforeseen issue arise.
moov does not recommend paying offsite to any service provider. If a provider requests payment offsite before pickup, please contact
- Execute a Written Contract
After the shipment is booked, you and your provider should execute a written contract outlining the details of your agreement in the form of a proper waybill. This is very important in case there is a disagreement about service.
- Fill out your Waybill
moov provides you a standard Waybill that can be used on any shipment. Your provider may also have his or her own Waybill that you'll need to fill out for their company. A Waybill is basically a receipt that documents the state of a shipment at pickup and delivery so that the provider can be held accountable for (and only for) damages that occur in transit. - Trust your Instincts
If something seems too good to be true or illegitimate, you're probably having that feeling for a reason. Don't release anything to a provider until those inconsistencies have been addressed and resolved.
- Ask moov
If you have questions or concerns about protecting yourself on moov, contact
There are rules as to what we allow our members to post on our website. In order to manage content, we created our Flagging system. If you believe that another member has violated one of our posting policies, please contact and endeavor to give full details of the violation. If we determine that the content does not violate any of our policies we will notify and no action may be taken against the member. But if we determine that that there is violation, appropriate sanction will apply.
If you wish to report another kind of violation or you do not see the action in violation of our policies but concerned about its negative consequences to the community, feel free to contact
While many service providers using the moov site have their own insurance, it's better to be safe than sorry. moov cannot verify service providers' insurance credentials. Therefore, we've negotiated an affordable, all-risk, shipper's interest cargo insurance policy with third party partners. Unlike Motor Truck Cargo/Carrier's Liability or GIT Insurance, moov Shipper's Interest insurance provides coverage for the direct physical loss or damage to the cargo, not the Carrier's Liability. This means a faster payout made directly to you, eliminating the hassle of dealing directly with the carrier’s insurance company. Cargo Insurance will be available for purchase at.
- What does it cost?
  • When accepting a bid, you will be given the option to buy full value coverage for your shipment.
  • Keep in mind that you will be responsible to pay a deductible based on the commodity being shipped
  • ₦2750 for all items valued at ₦15 M and higher
  • ₦2500 for household goods & personal effects, artwork & antiques, and "used" goods valued under ₦15 M
  • ₦2250 for items listed under all other categories valued under ₦15 M
- Who determines the valuation of the item(s)? Should a claim be issued, the final valuation of the item is determined by the insurance adjuster. moov strongly recommends you have ample documentation (appraisals, photos, receipts, invoices, waybill, etc.) to provide to the insurance company during the valuation process.
- What is NOT covered?
Category restrictions – the following are not covered*:
  • Pets
  • Food and agriculture products (including flowers, cotton, plants, fresh foods)
  • Passengers
Additional Exclusions – the following are not covered*:
  • Marring, chipping, scratching, denting and shortages (unless the entire shipment is not delivered) to owner packed household goods shipments
  • Marring, chipping, scratching, denting and cost of repainting for vehicles, motorcycles and boats not shipped in fully enclosed containers and/or trailers
  • Vehicles, RVs, or 5th wheels being operated under their own power OR being towed on their own wheels
  • Loss or damage to goods and/or equipment not manufacturer installed or permanently installed to a vehicle, motorcycle or boat
Additional exclusions can be seen in the attached policy below.
Valuation restrictions:
  • Cars & light trucks, motorcycles or boats in excess of ₦25 M in value
  • Heavy equipment items in excess of ₦50 M in value
  • Household goods and personal effects per any one customer of the assured in excess of ₦25,000 in value
  • Any one shipment of artwork or antiques regardless of quantity in excess of ₦25 M
  • Individual pieces of artwork or antique furniture included in a household goods or office conveyance are restricted at ₦15 M per piece
  • Shipments on vessels or air conveyance for domestic shipments, and shipments transported via barge have special terms
Provider restrictions:
  • The insurance company reserves the right to exclude the insurance offering on a per service provider basis; not all service providers may be eligible to have this insurance offered with their bid.
How do I file a claim?
  • All claims must be filed within 7 days of delivery to the final destination. In order to file a claim you must provide the following:
  • Photos of the item(s) from before the shipment is picked up and photos of the damage
  • Copy of the Waybill you received from the service provider noting all damages
  • For household goods shipments only, an inventory of all items in the shipment along with the value of the items
  • Repair estimate (if available)
  • Appraisal of the item prior to shipment (if available)
  • To begin the claims process, contact with the corresponding shipment details.
*Please note: failure to provide the above supporting documents may lead to a delay in the claims process or denial of your claim.
Feel free to review the Policy in its entirety if you have questions about whether or not your item is eligible for coverage. If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Shipping anything can be a hassle, especially if you have never done it before. From pick-up to delivery, we want your moov experience to be a seamless experience, but there are some things to keep in mind.
For starters, make sure you know what you are shipping. Do your best to find out the size, weight, and any special accommodations your shipment might need. Buying online? Get as much information as possible from the seller about your future shipment and the pick-up location. This will help you list the item(s) accurately and provide the correct information to prospective service providers.
If you are thinking about listing your household move on moov, keep in mind that people almost always underestimate the amount of stuff they have. Making a detailed inventory list is important and can come in handy if anything goes wrong during the move.
[If you're shipping a pet, make sure that he or she is healthy enough to endure the stress of traveling with a stranger. A clean bill of health from the vet should always be obtained. If it's summer time, we highly recommend you reconsider shipping your pet if at all possible. Even with an air-conditioned vehicle, summer temperatures can take their toll on these furry animals. You should also do your due diligence to ensure that the person you are handing over your companion to is going to consider his or her safety and comfort a top priority.]
- Service providers will use the information you provide in your listing to give you a quote, so you'll need to make sure your shipment is accurately described. An accurate description will be the best way to ensure that you receive accurate quotes and that your item will be successfully transported.
- When you are creating the listing, you may be prompted to enter information about the shipment such as the size dimensions and weight. You should always check for accuracy. Make sure you select the correct measurement units for your shipment. If you are not certain, use your best judgement to provide estimates - not everyone knows how much their mattress weighs! It will also help if you specify whether your shipment must be transported in one piece or if certain items can be broken down. This can help transporters know if they will have room or not. - For larger items especially, many manufacturers provide dimensions and weight specs online. Try searching for an owner's manual or specifications of an item. Be sure to indicate if your shipment is modified or not, too. - Of course, one of the best ways to describe your items is to provide a picture! If you can, be sure to upload multiple pictures that show the shipment and any special accommodations it may need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Prior to completing the listing process, you may have been given a cost estimate. This estimate is an approximate number and it is meant to help you plan your budget before making your shipment available in the marketplace so that service providers are not bidding until you're ready to ship.
This shipping estimate will show you a range of prices and the cost for similar shipments. These numbers are all based on actual booked shipments from other moov customers.
Keep in mind that this is just an estimate. Actual quotes from service providers could be higher or lower than the estimated price due to changes in fuel prices, seasonal weather, and overhead costs.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
So you have posted your shipment, gotten some bids, and now you have options! Great! Now what?
As a feedback-based marketplace, moov provides access to some great insights into the quality of a service provider. Here's how to put those insights to use to ensure you are choosing someone who will met your expectations.
Read the Feedback
On the provider's profile, you can see feedback from their previous shipping customers. All of that feedback is from customers that have previously booked on moov with that provider, so you can trust it's from a real transaction. Check to see the ratings their previous customers left. Read the comments, and note the kinds of shipments that provider has experience hauling.
Check the Cancellations
Next, read the cancellation comments and see how often that provider has had to cancel. Keep in mind that some cancellations may be from the customer's side. However, if you have a time sensitive shipment, you may want to consider a provider with fewer cancellations.
Review Licensing
The transportation industry in the Nigeria is governed mostly by state Motor Vehicle Registration and Administration Authority (MVRAA) or Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority, a branch of the Ministry of Transportation (MOT). The MVRAA issues Vehicle licenses and roadworthiness certificates as proof of registration for safety and commercial regulation. If a service provider has properly registered its vehicle they will be readily available for you to crosscheck, so consider discussing this in the Q&A on your listing with any prospective providers. Communicate
A provider that takes the time to communicate with you before pickup will probably do the same once you're working together. If you have questions or concerns you want addressed before booking, contact
Consider the Price
Obviously, this matters. You're here to find a deal! But while the lowest price may be tempting, it may not always be the best choice. Are you willing to pay a bit more for a better timeline or a more experienced provider? Make sure to consider price a part of the equation, but not the only factor.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact<.
When a service provider places a bid on your listing, you will have the option to accept or decline the bid. You can click the Accept button, proceed to checkout and complete your booking. If you decide that the bid isn't to your liking, click Decline, select a reason, and choose another bid when you're ready.
Decline reasons
- Price not acceptable to me
- Vehicle not
- Insurance not adequate
- Delivery time
- Others
Once you accept a bid, you'll receive a Booking Confirmation email containing your transaction invoice. You are expected to pay in full the bid amount and moov service charge to commence the pickup and delivery process. Upon the successful payment for the transaction the service provider will be alert to commence pickup and you will you will receive service provider's contact information.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
You've booked your shipment and are ready to go: now what? First, check your inbox for an email titled Pickup Confirmation. There you'll find your service provider's contact information. Your service provider should reach out to you if they have any questions about pickup or drop-off locations.
Always take photos of all items to be shipped and create an inventory list of them. These documents could come in handy should there be any issues during the transportation.
You should also take care to properly package your items if they're fragile unless you and your service provider have agreed that packaging is a part of your transaction.
Communication is key, so give your provider a call or send them an email if anything changes and they need to be updated.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Business deals fall through, delays happen, and sometimes you just change your mind. It's okay, moov have you covered.
- If your shipment hasn't been picked up and you need to cancel your shipment, sign in to your account and select the Cancel button on the corresponding shipment.
- On the following page, select the Request Cancellation button and complete the process.
- You can still relist or choose from a list of declined bids if the chosen provider is the reason to cancel.
- Call the Shipper and cancel
- Select the Request Cancellation button and complete the process.
- Shipper will relist or choose from list of declined bids
Cancellation Reasons:
  • No pick up, no contact after 48 Hours of pickup alert
  • Shipment not ready
  • Service provider does not have the right equipment
  • Shipper changed destination
  • Shipper wants additional services not included
  • Service provider unable to handle the shipment
Make sure to read through the following pages to ensure you fully understand the process. You'll be asked to choose a cancellation reason, leave a detailed explanation, and submit your cancellation request.
Whenever a cancellation is submitted, the other party is given up to 72 hours to respond to the request and leave any comments to complete the cancellation. They also have the opportunity to dispute the cancellation. This option should only be used if the shipment has been picked up or is going to be. If a cancellation is disputed, moov will contact both parties to see if the shipment can be completed. If moov determines through the response of the customer and service provider, or lack thereof, we will complete the cancellation. Once the cancellation is completed, you will receive some form of credit and/or refund.
Depending on how you paid for the shipment, you may receive part of your refund as a credit back to your moov account. This is issued automatically in the event you still need your item shipped. This credit is completely refundable.
If you decide you don't want the credit, just contact and we'll be happy to refund it less any applicable deductions!
Where is my shipment?
If you want to see the status of your shipment you can track it on this site. You will need the tracking number of the particular shipment you want to track. On the top right corner of the website homepage go to [Track shipment]Go or log into your account, go to [Track shipment]Go at the top right corner of your dashboard. Enter the tracking number and click ‘go’. The current status of the shipment will be displayed on top of the report that will show. Then the transaction history will show under.
What is my parcel number?
It’s a unique code that allows us to track your parcel or cargo. It’s as 10-digit number.
Here are some examples:
This number is automatically generated when you post your goods for bidding. The website and the service provider use it throughout the transaction and anytime the cargo is referred to as you interact with the website. When your parcel was dispatched or on the day of delivery.
If we missed you and left a card there will be an 8-digit reference number printed on there that you can use.
If you don’t have a parcel number please speak to the sender of the parcel who will be able to help you.
How do I track my cargo?
I'm expecting a delivery, how can I track its status? You can track your cargo on this site. You’ll need your tracking number.
It's really easy!
On the top right corner of the website homepage go to [Track shipment]Go or log into your account, go to [Track shipment]Go at the top right corner of your dashboard. Enter the tracking number and click ‘go’. The current status of the shipment will be displayed on top of the report that will show. Then the transaction history will show under.
Just enter your details here: [Track shipment]Go and off you go.
Why Is There No Tracking against My Shipment
This could be down to a few things...
If you have just posted your goods or they have just been picked up it may take a short time for the status information is updated by the service provider on our systems. If you have had your cargo picked up for more than a day and there is no tracking information please contact
There has been no tracking update for several days, what should I do? If there has been no update for a couple of days and it has gone beyond the expected delivery date, please contact and we will be able to help you.
The tracking is telling me something different than what has actually happened with my parcel. What should I do?
This could be down to a few things...
It may be that the latest update about your cargo's delivery has not been updated into our system yet. It can take a few minutes. If you are concerned however, please contact and we will be able to help you.
Why can’t I receive tracking updates via text message or email? You should receive an update once the shipment is delivered. Make sure your email and mobile phone number with us is correct.
Can I change my delivery time?
This can be arranged with the service provider.
Why was my delivery time missed?
We're sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience.
The service provider is supposed to deliver your cargo as specified in the bid form. The estimated delivery time is generated by the route the driver will take to deliver the cargo. Sometimes the driver may experience traffic, road closures or deliveries may take longer than usual.
If we know that we the provider is not going to make it we'll let you know and give you a new delivery time.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
You may have one payment option when checking out: moov Payments, to secure the booking. moov Payments
moov Payments is an online payment method handled entirely through, which makes it the safest and simplest way for customers to pay for shipping services. It requires the shipper to pay in full the bid amount plus moov service charge. Once shipper pays, it means pickup and delivery is confirmed and service provider will be alerted to make contact with shipper and pickup cargo for delivery. Upon successful delivery and confirmation by shipper, moov will automatically pay carrier.
How it works:
  1. At booking, you prepay for the job in full.
  2. Receive a unique payment code receipt. And service provider is notified.
    Be careful not to forward your booking confirmation email to your service provider at anytime.
  3. Upon delivery* of the shipment, you will go to your dashboard and confirm delivery to enable release payment to your service provider by:
Mark the shipment as "Delivered" on the corresponding listing.
Do not confirm delivery before your shipment is completed. If a service provider requests the confirmation before delivery, please
moov does not recommend paying offsite to service provider. If a provider requests payment before pickup, please contact
This might provide additional safeguards and recourse in the event of a dispute or suspected fraudulent activity. If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact


When you book with your transporter, you pay the total bid amount plus a service charge. This is a nominal fee (usually 5% of bid amount) paid directly to moov that covers things like website operations and tacking of your transaction. It is not a set fee and is calculated depending on the commodity you are shipping.
When a bid is accepted, the service charge is clearly disclosed along with the total amount due. You can also see the total amount you will pay, including the service charge, under any active quotes you receive and at checkout
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Pricing is one of the most important parts of using moov. We want you to get the fairest price as a shipping customer. When listing your shipment, you can choose from a variety of options.
Published Rates
  • Choose from up-front quotes from top carriers and brokers
  • Take a minute to look at your service provider's profile for feedback
  • Complete Booking and send Booking Request
  • If your request is accepted, you will get an e-mail titled Booking Confirmation
  • If you don't want to book a Published Rate, you can click Get Estimate
  • List your item(s) by using the step-by-step process
  • Select the Request Quotes box
  • Usually, service providers will start placing bids within 24-48 hours
Name Your Price
  • You can also choose to name the price you want to pay and click the Submit My Offer button
  • Communicate with service providers on the Q&A board to negotiate
  • Update your price if needed and complete booking
If you have questions about payment methods, please see our How Payment Works for Customers article.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Sometimes ship happens, and a shipment must be cancelled. While this can be frustrating, it's good to know how the refund process works. Refunds are based on your payment option at time of booking.
If you booked using the moov Payments option, once the cancellation is completed, 90% of the accepted bid amount will automatically be refunded back to your original form of payment. The remaining 10%, plus your service charge (if applicable) is credited to your moov account. Your credit will automatically apply to your next booking of any shipment booked within one year of the cancellation's completion, cancelled shipment included.
If you have no plans to use moov within the next year, no problem! Once the cancellation is completed, all you need to do is contact our contact helpdesk team to request that the credit be refunded.
Refunds back to your original payment method are typically credited within 2-3 business days of the date they are issued. However, in some rare circumstances, it can take more than 3days, depending on your financial institution's processing times.
So you want to get into transporting? Awesome! There are a few basics you are going to want to become familiar with if you are just beginning as a transporter on our site.
- First, we recommend that you review our Terms (User Agreement) and privacy policy. Here you will find useful information ranging from our general rules and policies to how you can book shipments and get paid.
- Another thing you will probably notice within our Terms (User Agreement) is that it stipulates that you will only bid on items for which you have the proper experience, licensing and permits. This is very important! To learn more about operating authority and insurance, please refer to the FRSC and MOT guidelines on vehicle roadworthiness and carriage of goods by motor vehicles. This will be your best guide and reference to utilize when looking to further understand the industry.
- If you are offering courier service, be sure you have the CRD (NIPOST) license to operate as a courier company. - You need to obtain all relevant and current licenses, rates and permits of the various LGAs, and states your vehicle will pass through within the country. If your vehicle is branded, it will most certainly require that you take out a valid mobile advert permit for it. It is noteworthy that lack of these vital government documents can lead to delays and possible damage of customers’ goods while you are in transit.
Once you’ve figured out what to haul, what you will drive and what permits you need, it’s time to get out there! Be sure to create a moov account if you haven't yet so that you can find shipments and manage your business.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
The site is essentially free for service providers who are just Spectators. As long as you are not bidding you don’t pay any fee whatsoever. However, moov charges a minimum monthly fee for business categories ranging from Bronze to Premium aside of the small service charge of 5% deducted from your bid price. The community of service providers pay to maintain the functioning of the site so they can generate and transact business on it regularly. So if you don’t want to haul any cargo then you are not paying monthly fees for a service that you're not using.
Service providers are charged a base transaction fee for shipments that are booked and completed through moov. moov deducts this fees from your total bid price as your shipping costs. When the shipment is booked, moov collects a corresponding moov fees directly from the shipping customer. The shipper customer’s fee is different from the service provider charge, which is only deducted after delivery is completed from the bid amount paid by the customer, offsetting your moov transaction fees that are due to moov.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Found a shipment you want to accommodate and place a bid on? Great! The first step in booking loads is placing bids. Here are a couple of steps we recommend taking while doing your research, before placing your bid:
  • View shipment details – The shipment details page contains information like route, item description, pictures, weight, dimensions and nature of goods. Take note of other services that may be required like forklift loading, packing, labeling, sorting and arranging, etc. Review these details to make sure this is a shipment you can service.
  • Ask questions – If there is any other information you need so you can make an accurate bid, click “Ask a Question” on the shipment to – remember not to include any contact information. Once you have reviewed the shipment details and cleared up any questions, you can place your bid by following these steps:
  • Select the Bid for Shipment button or Scroll down to the Bid Form - This is typically below the fold on the listing page. You will also notice the Place Bid button at the bottom of the listing page which will take you directly to the bid form.
  • Enter the amount you would like to earn – Enter the amount for the delivery and the extra services if they are not free, then add up all to come up with your total bid amount.
  • Input the Bid Details - This portion of the bid form will have you provide information such as the service type, time-frame and payment terms, your resources and reason why the shipper should award the shipment to you, etc.
Once you have submitted your bid the shipping customer will be notified and at the close of bids you will be notified whether your bid was accepted or declined. Should the customer accept your bid, you will be notified and receive direct contact information for the customer as well as pick-up and delivery contact information and addresses. Good luck!
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
Upon a shipping customer accepting your bid, he or she has one payment option when checking out: moov Payments, to secure the booking.
moov Payments
moov Payments is an online payment method handled entirely through, which makes it the safest and simplest way for customers to pay for shipping services. It requires the shipper to pay in full the bid amount plus moov service charge. Once shipper pays, it means pickup and delivery is confirmed and service provider will be alerted to make contact with shipper and pickup cargo for delivery. Upon successful delivery and confirmation by shipper, moov will automatically pay carrier.
How it works:
  1. When a shipping customer books a shipment and upon awarding bid the successful service provider bidder, he or she prepays for the job in full.
  2. The customer receives a unique payment code receipt. And service provider is notified.
  3. Upon delivery*, the shipping customer will confirm his goods have been delivered and authorize moov to release payment to you in one of two ways:
- Release the funds online from shipper’s moov account to service provider’s moov account, to be accessed at the provider’s request
- Make instant payment into the providers bank account registered with moov
*Remember, requesting a payment prior shipper confirming delivery has been accomplished is considered a policy violation and is a ground for the review of your moov account. Only request payment for shipments that have been confirmed physically delivered*.
Your customer pays to moov, upon accepting your bid, and moov pays you when you deliver and shipper confirms it.
How it works:
  1. Within the Payment Terms of your bid, you can select the payment methods (bank transfer, cheque, moov credit etc.
  2. Upon a customer accepting your bid, they will be prompted to pay the bid price and moov fee.
  3. This amount is credited to your account and will off-set your moov transaction fees (meaning it pays them off automatically so that you avoid a monthly bill).
  4. The customer will then formally confirm you actually delivered the goods within 24 hours before you can access the funds. This information will be explained in the Booking Details once your bid is accepted.
  5. Complete shipment and get paid per the agreement between you and your customer.
Remember, moov does not allow you to request payment via non-bank point-to-point cash transfer services such as Western Union or Moneygram.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact
For moov Payment of transactions to service provider, your shipping customer must authorize release payment to you by confirming that delivery has been done successfully.
For detailed, step-by-step instructions, please see below:
  1. Upon successful delivery of goods, enter the ‘delivered ok’ status in the ‘Capture Delivery Details’ in your dash board.
  2. Shipper is notified to confirm delivery of his goods
  3. Shipper confirms delivery
  4. Payment of the bid amount is released, either
    1. to your moov account less 5% service charge
    2. to your registered bank account by bank transfer
  5. If payment has been released as above, you'll receive an email letting you know.
  6. You acknowledge receipt of payment to you
Transaction is closed. Once payment has been released to you, or transferred to your moov account, it signals end of transaction between you and shipper
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Topics or contact