The Online Cargo Bidding Website



Moov does not operate delivery vehicles. But delivery companies and vehicle owner-drivers register on the Moov platform to provide delivery services facilitated by the system throughout the country.
Any road worthy vehicle that can deliver a parcel or cargo within a city, state or across the country, from a motor-cycle with a delivery box, a tricycle, car, van to truck.
A service provider can be a vehicle owner-driver; a private vehicle owner; a delivery (courier or haulage) company; clearing and forwarding company; transport company, etc.
Anyone (an individual or trader), company, etc. can be a shipper of a parcel or cargo. Whoever has something that needs to be delivered can post it on Moov and have it picked from him and delivered.
See our help page. The shipper pays the delivery bid amount to Moov upon award of bid to a service provider. Moov pays the service provider after the parcel or cargo has been successfully delivered.
The website provides status update of the parcel or cargo as changes occur. However the shipper can contact Moov Customer Care on the various communication channels provided for further information.