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Shipping of Household or Personal Goods, Office Moves, Commercial, Manufactured or Industrial Goods

Sending goods from city to city and within a city has never been easier. We offer businesses, individuals, institutions, manufacturers, industrial movers, cargo consolidators and anyone who has goods or cargo of any weight, size or shape to list it on and watch professionals bid to deliver for you. Service provider is paid after delivery of the shipment.

Transportation Service

People looking for the right kind of transportation to move their goods stop here. We offer opportunity for every transportation service provider (TSP) to list here and have a great chance of getting new loads to move without personally marketing for them. Independent Couriers, One vehicle owner-driver/Courier, Cargo and Haulage firms, as well as small and large Transporters list here. Do you own transportation to move goods in the city or to other cities in Nigeria? Do you move by land air or sea?

Register and join now We automatically create your own page with your full profile. List all your vehicles. Provide photographs, details, routing and driver details. Shippers want to hire or engage experienced or serious transporters, haulage, cargo and courier firms as well as drivers and couriers with own vehicles to provide intracity and intercity transportation of goods to individuals, businesses, Industries and institutions nationwide.

Warehouse and Storage Space Rental

Secure storage spaces! Secure warehouses! People are looking for good storage spaces all over Nigeria to store valuable goods, equipment, supplies and raw materials. We list warehouses and storage spaces for rental here for short-term and long-term periods at goods rates. Do you own empty storage spaces or warehouse?

Register and join now We Automatically create your own page with your full profile. List all your warehouses and available storage spaces. Provide photographs and details of sizes, location and direction, facilities available, period available and standard charges.

Delivery Vehicles and Equipment Rental

moov lists delivery vehicles for renting by cargo owners who want to control the movement of their goods. Thousands of cargo owners are looking for good delivery vehicles with or without drivers to hire. Do you own a delivery vehicle or logistics equipment for hire? People are looking for it.

Register and join now We automatically create your own page with your full profile. List all your vehicles or equipment. Provide photographs, details, location, condition of vehicle or equipment and standard rental charges.

Courier and Driver Recruitment and Professional Driver Development & Training

moov courier and driver recruiting service is about trust, transparency and efficiency. We help companies hire great employees, and connect registered couriers and drivers to find jobs they love. Choose from the categories of couriers and drivers listed here.

  • Professional/Independent Courier (own vehicle)
  • Experienced Courier
  • Tested and verified Courier
  • Professional/Independent Driver (own vehicle)
  • Experienced Driver
  • Tested and verified Driver
  • Others

Are you hiring? Are you looking for qualified, experienced couriers and drivers? Find out what moov can do for you. Are you are you a professional courier or driver looking for a good job? We can help. We are very passionate about our Professional Driver Development and Certification.

Register and join now We automatically create your own page with your full profile. If recruiting, list the vacant positions you want to fill and find candidates from our database or request for our verified and tested list to choose from.

Online news portal for logistics matters

moov logistics is a news portal where logistics news breaks and prominence is given to freight industry issues. moov transportation solutions system is better viewed as a strategy to help businesses and individuals derive more value (reducing overall costs and effectiveness) in order to stay competitive.
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Our blog

We are dedicating a whole department to bringing content and information about the freight industry in our blog. With carrier inefficiency, lack of professionalism and high cost and lack of capacity, amidst business demand for shorter delivery cycles growing, the best value proposition for transportation services consumers comes from having an efficient system that can provide the right kind of transportation, when it is needed, where it is needed and the right capacity.
Transportation for us is not just the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another but a multi-modal system that includes air, rail, road, water, pipeline and space. The system is further divided into infrastructure, vehicles and operations.
Transportation management solutions are no longer just about moving freight and doing it at the lowest possible cost. Logistics consumers are seeking to use effective transportation solution as a competitive advantage tool in the ever-challenging economic and commercial landscape. Additionally, shippers are now seeing transportation solutions, both internally or those provided by logistics services providers such as a 3PL, less as a commodity and more of a collaborative relationship between themselves and carriers or third party logistics services providers. is bridging the gap. Check it out

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